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Clean power is critical in the world at the moment. We aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants and invite you to join us. Hydro power is an unexploited renewable energy source that is able to power the entire African continent. We care about our planet.


Unlocking Africa’s energy potential requires true project pioneers and investors willing to invest the the future of the continent. Nepsa Energy initiates and manages the process from project planning to construction and beyond –  bringing on board all stakeholders including government, land owners, affected communities, buyers of electricity, contractors and project funders.


The vision of of company is broader than the development of hydro power projects. It is about empowering communities and bringing real development to the people of the land – ensuring that the people most affected will share in the benefits for generations to come. With our strong community focus, we give new meaning to the word – emPOWER


Nepsa Energy was founded in 2009 focused on the initiation and development of hydro power projects in Africa.

Apart from almost a decade hydro project development experience, Nepsa Energy has teamed up with leading industry professionals, both in South Africa and across the world, consisting of more than 40 highly rated engineers, legal and environmental experts. This enables Nepsa to either execute or facilitate the entire project process from project initiation up to long term station management (both on small and large hydro power schemes).

The company currently has multiple  projects in the various stages of the project process: Operational, early and late stage development.

Hydro power statistics

Efficiency of hydro power
World's renewable electricity generated by hydro power
World's total electricity generated by hydro power
Untapped hydro power potential in Africa

BEE and community development

Nepsa is passionate about empowering vulnerable communities in the vicinity of their hydro power plants. Hydro projects is long term investments that can benefit several generations with a typical life span of 75-100 years. Hydro power produces 76% of the renewable electricity in the world, providing a clean and significant energy source that can empower developing countries to improve the lives of their peoples at an affordable price.

Community development goals vary from project to project and often exceeds the government’s minimum requirements. Hydro power also positively impacts the local economy during the construction phase of each project given that the local content component of the project cost is significantly higher than other renewable energy technologies.

Project process and funding model

Unlike many other renewable energy sources, hydro power is a base load type, low cost, renewable energy source that can make a significant contribution to close the electricity supply gap both in South Africa and many African Countries.

The greatest hurdle to unlock hydro power potential is most often bringing projects through from initiation to construction phase.

The core focus of the company is to fund and execute project development during this pre-construction phase and structure the project for the construction and operational phase through suitable technical and equity partners.

Hydro projects has proved to have some of the lowest operational costs compared to other technologies.

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